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If you are looking for reliable and affordable residential or commercial building restoration services, Environment Control of North Seattle in Mountlake Terrace, WA is the company to call. We are the leading restoration expert in the area with more than 60 years of experience in the industry. From Restoration Services to Residential Carpet Cleaning our specialized and Certified Team of technicians are dedicated to providing the best in restoration services with maximum customer satisfaction and value for the money. Contact us today at (425) 967-5013 to get started. 

Disasters can happen at any time without warning. That is why it is important to have a restoration service company that can respond to any natural or man-made incidents immediately. At Environment Control of North Seattle, we understand the need for timely restoration services for you to resume your home life or business operations as soon as possible. The faster we start work, the faster we finish it, reducing the extent of the damage while causing minimal disruption to your home life or business.

Mold Testing and Remediation Services in North Seattle

Get rid of toxic mold and mildew infestations in your building with our effective mold testing and remediation services. We are committed to providing quality services to both residential and commercial buildings in North Seattle. This is why we perform remediation using the latest methods and protocols for mold detection, testing, containment, removal, decontamination, and disposal.

Asbestos Testing in North Seattle

When it comes to asbestos testing , look no further than Environment Control of North Seattle. Our certified technicians perform thorough air quality and core sample tests with utmost accuracy. 

Water Damage Mitigation and Restoration Services in North Seattle

Water damage mitigation and restoration are some of the most common types of emergencies we respond to in the greater Seattle area. We understand that water can cause extensive damage very quickly, rendering your residence or commercial building unusable. We have the tools and expertise to swiftly detect the source of any water leaks as well as eliminate moisture from affected areas without causing further damage or disruption to your home life or business. 

Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration Services in North Seattle

In the unfortunate event of a fire or smoke damage in your residence or commercial building, you can trust Environment Control of North Seattle to provide fast and effective restoration services. We can remove dangerous debris, repair minor structural damage, sanitize affected areas, and safely extract odors – ensuring that your home or building is safe and ready for use as soon as possible.

Sewage Backup Cleanup Services in North Seattle

When sewage seeps into your residence or commercial building, there’s no time to waste. You need an urgent cleanup and restoration service or you could face serious health issues among your family, or employees and customers. At Environment Control of North Seattle, we will clean up your property while following OSHA safety protocols, protecting your family, guests, or workers from exposure to dangerous pathogens and biohazards.

Why Choose Environment Control of North Seattle?

With more than six decades of experience in the restoration industry, Environment Control of North Seattle has the skills and expertise to handle all kinds of residential and commercial restoration projects. 

We understand that each building is unique, with different risk factors and challenges involved. That’s why we always take into account your building’s history, specific needs, and requirements before providing targeted solutions to restore damaged areas. Plus, our technicians are certified, experienced, reliable, and efficient – we will deliver outstanding results at competitive prices without compromising safety or quality.

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When it comes to restoration services for residential or commercial buildings in the greater Seattle Area, Environment Control of North Seattle is the only name you need to know. We are an IICRC-certified firm that specializes in all aspects of property damage restoration, including mold remediation, sewage cleanup, water damage repair, fire and smoke restoration, and so much more.

Contact us today at (425) 967-5013 and discover why we are the number one choice of North Seattle businesses when it comes to quality and affordable building restoration services.

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