Destructive Water (Flood) Damage: First Things to Do When It Happens

Water damage is a devastating occurrence homeowners wish never to experience. What’s worse is not getting quick help after water damage; the consequences of delayed action can be costly. Whether it’s a flood or you’re dealing with faulty appliances, broken pipes, or water damage after a fire, they can all cause significant issues.

Regarding water damage, every minute counts. The longer you wait, the more severe the damage gets. Mold can start growing in as little as 24 hours, even with small quantities of water. So, what do you do after water damage?

This article provides tips on practical steps to take after water damage and reasons to consider professional water damage restoration.


Steps to Take Immediately After Water Damage

1. Stop the Leak Source

Unless the flooding in your home is due to a weather phenomenon, locate the water source and turn it off or seal it until help arrives. Shutting off the main water supply valve is the easiest way to stop a plumbing leak.

It’s advisable to locate your water valve before water damage occurs so you can quickly shut it off when the need arises.


2. Call Your Insurance Company

Homeowner’s insurance varies based on policy. While most homeowner’s insurance policies cover water damage, they do not cover flood damage. Your home or business insurance company will send out an adjuster to look at the damage and see if it’s covered by your policy.

Take as many pictures as you can of all the water damage, and don’t forget to write down what was damaged and how much it was worth.

This information will help the adjuster during a damage assessment. Remember, water and flood damage are different; not all insurance policies cover flood damage. If you live in a flood-prone area, such as the North Seattle, Washington, area, you’d be doing yourself a favor by getting insured against flooding.


3. Protect Your Family, Valuables, Appliances & Any Salvagable Valuable Items

Safety is crucial in any significant home disaster like flooding. ensure you and your family are safe. As opposed to your home, you can’t restore life. Below are essential safety steps to take following water damage.

  • Turn off the electricity: Electricity and water are a dangerous combination. Though water is a poor conductor, you can become electrocuted if you’re in contact with a body of water touching electricity.

    So, if you have to step into a wet area to turn off the power to your home, it’s best to call a certified restoration professional. Do not attempt to access a flood-damaged property if the power supply remains on and is possibly in contact with an electric wire.

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  • Wear Protective Gear: Protective clothing, such as rubber boots and hand gloves, is critical to accessing a flooded or water-damaged property. These gears will shield you from potential injuries.


  • Protect Your Belongings: If the water damage is minimal, you can place tin foil under wood furniture to prevent them from absorbing water and staining the wet carpet.

Likewise, remove wet rugs from floors. You may have to leave your home if the flooding is important.

Flood damage

4. Begin Water Damage Repair Immediately

Before starting water damage restoration, ensure you’ve documented the damage in detail, as it will help you in the future and serve as evidence for insurance claims. If possible, begin the water damage restoration process within 48 hours after your home has been certified safe for entry. In most cases, flood damage is too extensive for an individual or a family to handle.

Consider hiring a company that specializes in water damage restoration for effective and stress-free water mitigation services to stop more damage. Hiring professionals ensure your safety and that of your property. To prevent mold growth, you may need to remove the insulation, drywall, and flooring in affected areas.


5. Drying Out Water Damage and Removing Humidity

If you decide to undertake this task, remember to wear protective clothing. Salvageable items and disposal of damaged ones that beyond restoration is no longer safe. Use thick towels or a mop to absorb moisture in corners and hard-to-reach areas.

After removing all the standing water, rent or buy a wet/dry vacuum cleaner from your local hardware store to complete the water removal process. You can use the wet-dry vacuum from the start if the water isn’t too much. Don’t forget your damp belongings; tend to them, particularly if you live in a humid region.

If you can switch on the power supply, use your air conditioning to reduce the indoor humidity levels and accelerate the drying process.

Even though fixing water damage may seem easy, it can be a lot of work, especially if the damage is bad. If you can’t handle it, consider calling water removal services like Environmental Control for professional assistance in North Seattle, Washington area.


6. Mold Remediation

Mold can begin to grow as early as 24 hours after water damage, and it can be challenging to address. The quicker you start the restoration process, the less likely you will suffer significant structural damage. In severe cases, you may have to remove affected areas and dispose of damaged items completely. It’s advisable to contact damage restoration services for professional assessment and solutions.

7. Deciding What Can Be Salvaged

The repair and restoration stage takes the longest time. Assuming you must address water removal and property drying quickly, the reverse is the case with repairs. You may need to replace your flooring and walls, and minor repairs may take about two weeks to a month, while extensive repairs could go on for months.

If your home needs significant reconstruction, hire an expert contractor!


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